Remember – we all have burdens

Everyone you meet or interact with has their own story, their own “stuff” going on.  Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s scary, and sometimes it’s nothing but different from your stuff.

It’s important to remember that we never know what the other person is currently dealing with, or has had to deal with in their lives.  Sometimes there is a very good reason the other person was short with us, or didn’t seem interested in interacting with us.

If we are open and inquisitive, sometimes we can get other people to open up a little and tell us about their story.  These times can be magical to help us remember that we are all so much more similar than we are different.  We have hopes and dreams, heartache and heartbreak, triumphs and failures.

In today’s desperate dash to keep busy, we could all do with a pause to bond just a little with our fellow humans – to give our time and attention to their story, to learn, to realize we are all in this together…