Please, please Apple

I know what I want now from my next iOS upgrade –

I want Apple to manage my ID on my phone.  I want all my apps to trust my TouchID/FaceID and log me in.  I can’t remember any of my app and webpage specific log ins – and why should I have to?  Apple knows who I am – I trust them with my bank account info and they have managed to get the banking industry to trust them too.

It seems like we are on our way there – I notice more and more of the Apps have the key icon in the sign in/password spot.  I need more.

So, Apple – I hope your “One More Thing” next year is ID management into apps and web pages…

Apple Watch for Ultra Running?

I want to use my Apple Watch to track my runs and races of longer time and distance.  I don’t know if the battery will last…

I do like wearing my watch on a day by day basis.  It works for unlocking my Mac, quick checking message’s, telling Siri what to do, etc.  I want to be a one watch guy, so even though I tease myself with Instagram streams of mechanical watches, I’m not sure if I would ever wear a mechanical for work and change to a workout watch for working out…  I really do want one watch to rule them all.

The problem is that the battery doesn’t last long enough in a workout.  4-5 hours tops.  I’ve already killed the battery this year at Spartan World Championships at Tahoe.  It was a long day…

The best advice I can find online about making the Apple Watch battery last longer in a workout is to use a HR chest strap.  Apparently the HR feature is the battery killer, even more than the GPS running.

I tried saving the battery at the Spartan SoCal #2 Best by wearing a HR chest strap, but the strap got in the way of the obstacles and kept getting undone.  So, for OCR at least, that didn’t work.

I have a 50k and a Spartan Ultra Beast coming up next year.  I’ve got time to figure this out, but there may not be a solution.  Other than buying a Garmin and putting up with their un-readable screens….



Apple Watch Notes – Part 2

This is a follow up to Part 1:

What I’d really like is more tweaks to the software.  Not a lot, but just a couple that might help:

1 – I’d like complications to be more more useful.

2- I’d like additional, expertly crafted watch faces.  (I’d buy separate watch faces if Apple offers them.)

Right now, complications are both an ‘at-a-glance’ information delivery method, and they are also a short-cut to the full app.  I really like that – I think they are much better than the app picker screen.

BUT, I’d like to put them on another screen and be able to arrange them in a useful and (to me) pleasing visual arrangement.

I don’t use glance’s much at all, except to force a heartbeat read once in a while.  I really try to avoid going into the horrible app picker of circles….  Complications could solve both issues:

There are no actions assigned to right or left swipe from the main watch screen…

There are no actions assigned to a right or a left swipe from the main watch screen.  How about if a swipe left takes us to a user curated grid of complications – and a different screen for a right swipe?   I can have my most important information available – and I can pick more than 3-5 complications in total.

I’m in ‘like’ with some of the current Apple watch faces, but I’m not in ‘love’ with any.   They’ve started customizing the watch faces with the Hermes face and band – what if they did the same for other famous watch faces?   Rolex, Panerai, Bell & Ross, etc.

A super curated watch face store could be the start of something big for the watch – what a jumpstart over the Android watches!

My dream would be to have a Bell & Ross watch face on my main screen, unadorned with other complications.  Just minimalistic and beautiful all day long to tell me the time.

A simple swipe to the right and my 2-4 personally picked complications show – giving me the little bit of extra information I need at that time.  A swipe to the left would have taken me to a different screen of complications I had set up.

How to handle the screens of complications ?  I have a thought on that too:

Apple could give us 2-3 different layout’s to choose from for each side screen – could be a grid of 4 (2×2), or 2 across the top with one full width on the bottom.  Or 2 horizontal’s…

Either way, Apple gives stock layouts, developers design complications (widgets) to fit into the clearly defined sizes, and then user’s pick the layouts and then the complications to fill them in.

There you go – my suggestion on making the software both more usable and well as easier to figure out.