Apple Services suck?

The current trendy opinion on Apple in the Twitter-verse and Inter-webs is that Apple services suck. Ben Thompson is the most recent, in his article released today, titled "Divine Discontent: Disruption's Antidote".   It is a very good article on disruption, through the lens of Apple VS Amazon.  Apple Services are not the point of… Continue reading Apple Services suck?

Valencia 50k Trail Race – Recap

Much delayed recap of the Valencia Trail Race.  Ran this one with my brother Bob, and we stayed together for the race.  It was a cloudless, sunny day and the temps were mid-upper 70's. First, the numbers:  we finished in 9:24:29 - way over my 8 hours over/under guess.  I was finisher #132 out of 158… Continue reading Valencia 50k Trail Race – Recap