Apple Services suck?

The current trendy opinion on Apple in the Twitter-verse and Inter-webs is that Apple services suck.

Ben Thompson is the most recent, in his article released today, titled “Divine Discontent: Disruption’s Antidote”.   It is a very good article on disruption, through the lens of Apple VS Amazon.  Apple Services are not the point of his article, per se, however, towards the beginning he tosses this quote in:

Apple is a product company that struggles at services; Amazon is a services company that struggles at product.

As much as I liked the whole article, this one quote bothered me to read, and continues to stick with me.

My experiences with Apple services are all pretty good.  I use Apple Music, iCloud Drive with desktop sync, iMessage, iPhone back ups, Health, Photos and Maps.  To say nothing about my contacts, calendars, and email all being available on all my devices, instantly.   Hell, I’m even using GameCenter all of a sudden for Churchill Solitaire!

They all work for me.

I’m not sure what Apple could do to make them work ‘more’ for me.  Things sync, they are available, they work.   (I guess my calendar items sometimes don’t sync quickly enough for my ADHD self.  But that is only once in a while.)

So, serious questions here – what has to happen for this popular narrative to change? Is there a way to change it?