Apple’s Ecosystem

I really like this long article by Federico Viticci for MacStories – deep dive into the power of the stock apps provided by Apple and how those tie together the Apple hardware together.

The article is not written from the point of an “Apple Fanboy” whatever that is… In fact, this quote is one of my favorites:

It’s possible to like something and still point out its flaws. This is an unpopular opinion both among those who think Apple can do no wrong, as well as folks who think they’ve done nothing important after Steve Jobs. I strongly believe that both extremist camps are misguided.

Federico echos my own, more limited experience – while it is incredible fun to try out new software and hardware, and it can be quite enlightening to do so, I find myself coming back to the stock apps and software.  Time after time I will try out a new calendar app, or to do app.  And, time after time, I find myself coming back to stock.

I do like trying out other things to see what other new unique things they offer – it informs and educates me so I know what I am giving up.  It seems to satisfy my internal FOMO!

This article has found me downloading the Apple Podcast app again – while I love Overcast, I think I need to try the stock app.   If the lack of Voice Boost and Smart Speed drive me crazy, then I’ll delete the stock app right away….