Podcast suggestions

I’ve got some thoughts for all the podcasters out there – as an avid listener and someone who cares- these would make my listening life much easier, and would help me in the post listen bliss.   These are focused on ‘me’ – but I think most people listening to podcast’s would appreciate these also –

Please don’t do a long, rambling intro that is an in-depth review of the podcast that I’m about to listen to.  It’s an hour conversation/interview – I really don’t need 10 minutes of you telling me about what I’m about to listen to.  I am about to listen to it, after all.  I would much prefer that you get me into the interview quickly.

For the after podcast notes – keep them brief also – give credit to the behind the scene’s people who make the podcast possible, if you like.  But don’t tell me what I’ve just listened to.   Some podcasts do a “what I took away from the conversation” section for each and every episode.  That is a nice wrap up, and, since it is a part of the podcast, I know what to expect.

Take all that time that you’ve been wasting by writing, reading, and editing your intros and give me some lasting value.  I would suggest an easy to find section on your website that list’s your podcasts – and then give me the info on the products, people and websites that are discussed on the podcast!   I can’t believe how many podcasts contain great discussions on something that I am interested in, but can’t ever look up or dig into more because there are not notes or links.  It’s really a wasted opportunity to create more value for your listeners and the guests.

For books or products – please put Amazon links to the items.  I’m don’t care if you set it up to get a commission on them either.   If I decide to buy it, then I’m fine with you getting a little piece of the action.   In fact, I would encourage it.

Those are my complaints and a suggestion – ways to make my life easier and my listening to your podcast more enjoyable.