Apple Watch Notes – Part 1

I like my Apple Watch (42mm black Sport model) a lot.  I have been wearing it exclusively on my wrist for almost a year now.  It is a very compelling blend of hardware and software that is a very good Version 1.0 of a product.  I won’t go into all the things I like about it here, but, there are enough of them to keep it on my wrist for about a year.

But, it needs some help.  Rumor is that the might be a new watch of some sort this fall, but, in the meantime here are my observations:

It is too slow.  Period.  I think it’s a hardware thing first, then a software issue.  So, I guess I’m saying that I feel it’s underpowered.  There are too many times where it doesn’t register a wrist turn, or a tap on the glass to wake up.  Simply checking the time seems to take too much time, way too often.  Asking it to show some info from a compilation can take way longer than it should.

I really hate the times where I will swipe on the screen and nothing happens – I’m not sure if it is the sensor hardware on the glass, or if that is the CPU not handling the input.  But too slow.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but each time it does, it registers as an annoyance.

The software on the watch doesn’t respond quickly at times, but I believe most of those instances are to be blamed on the communication between watch and phone.  Could communications be sped up with a faster processor ?  Probably.

I wish it had more hardware – GPS would be a great start for me.  I’ve  read a lot of people asking about additional sensors:  Glucose, skin perspiration, temperature, etc.  Those sound well and fine, but also seem too fringe to me.

Apple has to appeal to the masses to drive adaptation – and right now, the most compelling use of the watch has to be the fitness aspects.  I think Apple will add the GPS chip and a much faster CPU to the next watch.

I don’t need a camera (I think) unless Apple has some new use case for me that I haven’t thought about yet.

In the next part, I throw out some suggestions on how to improve the software (at least according to me…)