Electric Cars

Today, Tesla introduces their Model 3.  Probably the most anticipated car over the last several years, at least since Tesla introduced the Model X.

This introduction, for a car that won’t ship in volume for another 1.5 years, is causing a frenzy that is more like an Apple product launch than anything I’ve seen before.

Tesla allowed customers to go into stores today and will open up online reservations later tonight.  From all accounts and pictures, tens of thousands of people gave up their day to wait in line and give $1000 to a company for a product they won’t see for at least 18 months.

Tesla is taking online reservations for the car tomorrow.  By putting $1,000 down, you will reserve your future car.

People don’t even know what the car will look like, or what options will cost.  That info is supposed to come tonight when founder Elon Musk gives a presentation.  We don’t know how much info he is even going to tell us, but we do know that he won’t answer all the questions – we WILL have unknowns tomorrow…

GM has announced that the Chevy Bolt will ship in 2016 – and they are testing the production line now.  Another 200+ mile car for around $35k.

I have an all electric car – the Kia Soul EV.  I never thought I’d drive a Kia, but now I don’t see myself driving an ICE (internal combustion engine) as my daily driver ever again.  It’s not about the brand on the car, but instead, what the drive system is.   I really like my Kia.  It’s not perfect, there are things I’d change if I could.  But I really like electric cars –

I am driving the future and I am convinced that we will all have electric cars someday.  There are just too many positives and the negatives are quickly going away –