And then there was

Wow, HP throws in the towel, Samsung is flaming out, RIM is RIP… you could say that change is afoot.

Everyone is talking about who will challenge Apple now – what company will emerge to offer an iPad challenger, or a MacBook Air Challenger.

They miss the point.

If you want to challenge Apple, then ignore Apple.

No one challenged Apple to get them to this position, except for Apple…  

They focused on what they wanted to do, what they felt was the best combination of features, software, use case, and delivery.

Turns out that what they focused on was what we all wanted.  We just didn’t know it until it was presented to us.

You could say that they lived the passion they felt inside.

So, if you want to challenge Apple, then ignore Apple.  Instead, focus on your passion.  Give the world what it doesn’t already have, show us your vision.


Their focus on books created the e-book reader market and allowed the e-book format to flourish.

Sorta like Apple, the iPod and iTunes…

Can challenge Apple?  Who cares?  The interesting question, and the only one that ultimately matters is:  Can challenge itself?

I look forward to seeing what a singular focus on passion will bring forth for products this fall from both and from Apple.