Meeting Planning

Think about the outcome – what would be the perfect ‘thing’ that would happen, or be agreed to if the meeting went as perfect as it could?

It’s working from the future goal back to today – if you got the product on the shelf, got the listing, made the sale during or as a result of the meeting, what would you have done today to make that happen?

I like this method for at least two reasons – the first is that it gets me to think positive outcome, which throws positive vibes out into the universe. It informs the universe and my subconcious of exactly what I want and expect from the meeting.

The second reason is more tactical – working backwards often brings clarity about what steps I should be working on today, which can wait until tomorrow, and what has to happen first before that other thing can be done.

If the printer needs two days to print the product flyer, then I can work backwards from that deadline to figure out when I have to have the flyer done.

If I’m doing an informational presentation, I still use this technique to imagine what information my audience leaves with. That helps me define my topics; and it is very useful in culling so-so ideas from a talk or story.

Proper meeting prep can make or break a meeting – Having things done on time, having the right material at hand, and knowing your facts and figures. It all adds up to a much better expereince for you and for the customer.

What steps do you take to get ready for a meeting?