Valencia Trail Race – 50K

wow – it’s here!  This Saturday is my #50kbefore50 race!

This is going to prove to be a big challenge – mentally and physically.

Valencia Trail Race – 50k (that’s 31.07 miles…) of trails and over 8,000 feet of vertical climb!

As always, I expect to compete it – and I’ll have Bob (#iblamebob) by my side.

Our over/under is 8 hours – can we complete it in under?

Apple’s Ecosystem

I really like this long article by Federico Viticci for MacStories – deep dive into the power of the stock apps provided by Apple and how those tie together the Apple hardware together.

The article is not written from the point of an “Apple Fanboy” whatever that is… In fact, this quote is one of my favorites:

It’s possible to like something and still point out its flaws. This is an unpopular opinion both among those who think Apple can do no wrong, as well as folks who think they’ve done nothing important after Steve Jobs. I strongly believe that both extremist camps are misguided.

Federico echos my own, more limited experience – while it is incredible fun to try out new software and hardware, and it can be quite enlightening to do so, I find myself coming back to the stock apps and software.  Time after time I will try out a new calendar app, or to do app.  And, time after time, I find myself coming back to stock.

I do like trying out other things to see what other new unique things they offer – it informs and educates me so I know what I am giving up.  It seems to satisfy my internal FOMO!

This article has found me downloading the Apple Podcast app again – while I love Overcast, I think I need to try the stock app.   If the lack of Voice Boost and Smart Speed drive me crazy, then I’ll delete the stock app right away….

Apple Watch Software wishlist

Now that I’ve had my Apple Watch Series 3 for a while, here are somethings I’d like to see on the next version of the software:

1 – Keep the screen on at all times.  I think it should be an option for all the time – even if that means dimming the time and date, and turning off all other complications.  However, there are a couple instances where the screen HAS to fully remain on:

  • When in a workout, keep the screen on.
  • When the timer is on, keep the screen on.
  • When the stopwatch is going, keep the screen on.

2 – Please quit showing the ring closing animations DURING A WORKOUT!   I mean, come on!  Wait until I’m done working out.

3 – Manual Laps button during a run workout – so I can track what and how I want to.

4 – Make the HR sensor a little smarter – sometimes it will lose your pulse from time to time if you are using your wrist or arm in the workout.  It needs to be much smarter about picking up the HR.

Too many times it loses my pulse, then somehow catches on to only half of what I’m doing.  If I’m pushing a 140 HR doing a workout, too many times I’ll look down and see 70 – as if it only catches every other beat.  Come on – there is no way a HR goes from 140 to 70 in 10 seconds!  I’m working hard here!

And, it takes way too long to catch up to the HR once it does lose it – I thought it was scanning once per second, but sure doesn’t act like it.

5 – I still want longer battery life, but I’m seeing some really good life span with this new version.  I’ve done a six hour walk/hike with GPS on and still had over 65% battery life.

6 – I’d still like an Apple approved watch face that was all complications – allow me to place my second most used items one swipe away from my main watch face.

7 – More watch faces – including one with digital seconds and an improved large face.

That is all I can think of right now – any that you have thought of that is not on the list?

Featured Athlete- ME!

Here is a cool feature on me from the online training program I’m following.  I’m blushing….

If you are looking to find easy to follow, encouraging, kick butt training programs, be sure to look at and consider PSE (Power, Speed, Endurance).  They have a couple different programs to choose from; including Running, Rowing, Tri-Athlete, and Fuel (eating programs and tips.)

They are just launching a new one called Move that is more generalized program for those who are not working towards a specific race, but rather want long lasting general mobility health.  I haven’t seen any of these workouts yet, but I bet they are tough, motivating and butt kicking!

I don’t get any money at all from these guys, I just really like their programs…

Authentic people habits

Good tips/reminders in this article about being Authentic 

It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but I didn’t need the author to do a deep dive and a lot of words to explain.

I really liked a couple of the quotes in this article:

Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”


Eleanor Roosevelt nailed this one. She once said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”