Please, please Apple

I know what I want now from my next iOS upgrade - I want Apple to manage my ID on my phone.  I want all my apps to trust my TouchID/FaceID and log me in.  I can’t remember any of my app and webpage specific log ins - and why should I have to?  Apple… Continue reading Please, please Apple

Apple Watch for Ultra Running?

I want to use my Apple Watch to track my runs and races of longer time and distance.  I don't know if the battery will last... I do like wearing my watch on a day by day basis.  It works for unlocking my Mac, quick checking message's, telling Siri what to do, etc.  I want… Continue reading Apple Watch for Ultra Running?

Electric Cars

Today, Tesla introduces their Model 3.  Probably the most anticipated car over the last several years, at least since Tesla introduced the Model X. This introduction, for a car that won't ship in volume for another 1.5 years, is causing a frenzy that is more like an Apple product launch than anything I've seen before.… Continue reading Electric Cars