You don’t know who you should be selling to

This is the third part of a five part series, diving deeper into individual points from the post : “5 reason’s your product is not at retail”

3 – You don’t know who you should be selling to

If you don’t know who to sell to, it’s going to be very tough to make a sale.  It’s no secret that it takes two sides to complete a transaction.  Just because you might have the best product, you don’t get money for just having the product.  You still need to sell the product to someone who want’s to buy it.

So, you have to know who to sell to – but how?  The first step is to refer to your plan.  You do have a plan, right?  Your plan should tell you what channel and type of retailer to sell to.  You know, your plan from step one on this post?

You connect to retail buyers in different channels in different ways.  There are different distributors, reps, and salespeople for each retail channel.  If you want to sell to the Cell Phone channel, then you need to find the buyers for the those retail stores.   You have to zone in on your preferred channel.  Once you know the channel you are focusing on, you can figure out where the buyers are.

Find the distributors that serve your chosen channel, find a sales rep who works in that channel, find a sales person to hire who knows that channel.  The point is that if you know where you want to go with your product, you are more than halfway to your goal.

This post isn’t about how to find the exact buyers names and contact info for your product, it’s about what is going on inside your head – if you get focused on where you want to succeed, you will find the right people to help you find the right people…