The wisdom of Paul from Starbucks

Sometimes things happen quickly in life.  Things that you look back on and wish you could dwell in those moments a bit longer.  Today I had one of those moments…

Paul sat next to me today at Starbucks.  89 years young and looking great.  He was dapper with slacks, penny-loafers, and a button up shirt.  Gold Rolex, gold rings and a chain around his neck.  Not gaudy, just old-school dressed up.

He asked me what I was doing (I was checking email on my phone…) and we were off – having a great conversation.

His Greek accent was sometimes tough to understand, but I really wanted to be present with him and honor the conversation.  We talked about what I did, what he had done and a bit about his story.  He came from Greece when he was in his early 20’s with about $40 in his pocket.  Said he became a millionaire and then took a huge risk with real estate and became a multi-multi-multi… millionaire.

It was a great conversation and I thought that is what I was going to take with me.  Paul wasn’t done with me yet…

I told him I had to get going, and he told me that he wanted to tell me his 5 keys to life if I had another minute.  I’m not that much of a dummy, so of course I sat back down.

Here is the list from Paul, age 89:

1- Love yourself – no matter what happens, think to yourself “I’m the BEST!”

2 – Be happy and have fun, but don’t do anything in excess.  Including drinking, work, sex.  (not sure about that last one, but this Paul’s list)

3 – Work hard and realize that if you are the best, then hard work will pay off.

4 – Put some money aside when times are good.  Because times are not always good.  ‘Nuff Said.

5 – Treat your wife as if she was a part of your own body.  Respect her, love her, tell her that you need her.  A man’s sex drive goes down with old age, but the need for your companion lives on…

Paul – thanks for sharing and caring.

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