Turn social chatter into sales

Fast Company Magazine has a great article on a new start up that is looking to turn Social Media chatter into hard ROI –

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In the article, the author talks about the work of Sociable Labs and their new product for e-commerce sites.  The product allows consumers to recommend a site or product to friends.

The San Mateo, California, startup offers a suite of social applications that can be incorporated right on a retailer’s e-commerce site. The main thing Sociable does, founder Nisan Gabbay tells Fast Company, is to help retailers focus on maximizing sales through social media, not just buzz-building. This can happen more effectively, Gabbay says, if a business gets out of the way of conversations between friends, which are happening on Facbeook (and elsewhere).

I think this could be something cool as it takes the third party (i.e.: Facebook) out of the picture which allows real conversations between people to happen, not just a shout out on a ‘wall’ or ‘timeline’.  It also, and this is more important in my opinion, allows the efforts to be measured, compared, and evaluated.  A must have piece of the social media storm that has been missing so far.

What do you think?  Would you tell your friends about a product or site you’ve found using this method?